New Season and New Anime’s

This is not going to be a review post but just a small talk on new anime’s and the anime i am so much hyped for.

First, the anime which has the cutest character.
If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord

Latina is the cutest girl of the year…

Second, the anime which might have the greatest graphics in this season.
Dr. Stone

I really hope it will be good…

Now the anime which I wanted the most…
Is it wrong to pick a girl in the Dungeon

I really like the way they presented the show by giving a recap…

And the anime which I have been most hyped about…

I have been waiting for it so long…

This anime is great i can say that as I have read the manga and you know what’s more best? It’s opening music which is composed by Void (my best anime music creator).

But it’s not this much as there have been more new anime’s been presented this season and each anime has it’s own specialty, from great graphics to loli everyone has something with them and let’s hope they all will be good.


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