Arifureta: From commonplace to worlds strongest First Impression

The first thing I loved about it was that there was no scene of their old world as it takes a lot of unnecessary time and they didn’t waste that time but put that time in the story.

Mc transferred into another world and during a mission, he was betrayed by his teammates and now that he has fallen into abyss what will he do now?.
(Also, mc is an otaku so you can expect some chunni names)

My best moment:
The transformation of dumb mc to badass was the best, it was fast but ok and it kind of gave the feeling of Kaneki Ken (from Tokyo Ghoul).
It showed me how despair can change everything in a person.

Before transforming
Middle of transformation…
Fully transformed Mc is lit….

From the music (i loved it) to the graphics (it was ok) and action (it was really nice) they all are great, especially story and I would love it if they won’t skip or fast forward the story like in episode 1 but so far I am enjoying it.

My Score:…
Let’s wait and see it rise or …

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