Dr. Stone Anime Impressions

I am gonna be really short as the weather is stormy and the power is out thus I will end thing fast, so let’s begin our story.

About anime: (I won’t tell what plot is as you can read it if you will be watching it)
The first thing that made me want to watch it was its graphics and as I have said before, I will say it again, it’s amazing but what’s more amazing is the story.
Two boys trying to find other humans to start the civilization one more time and this theme is really new and unique so I am hoping a lot from them but apart from this story and graphics what I liked in it was drama and the way they presented.

Ok I will also try this…

A boy who was still alive even after 1000year passed just to confess his love to the girl he loves the most in the whole world and a boy who wants to beat the fantasy with it’s own science and maybe there are some foe in this unknown new world…
I am really enjoying this anime and I really expect a lot.

My Score: Let’s wait and see…

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