Our Future or this blog’s future?

As I have said, things are not looking good in real life in simple terms it means that I (or we) are starting to have some serious work to do in life after all we have to earn/study as we cant live on just hobby alone.

So the future is going to be something like this:
There won’t be any long review (which I rarely post) as we don’t want to waste much time in just hobby alone.
The reviews will be small and to the point with no spoiler or any other irregular stuff which will just make the post long.

Also, the biggest thing, which will be art (which we used to post but stopped) will again be started but the thing is, it will be only sketches or uncolored arts, but they would be good art or something worth to be put on site (which means there will be very few arts) and all those sketches would be free.

Also the main thing:
Right now we are having visitors over 500 per month on a regular basis (which is not bad as I started the blog last year, around 15 December which means that we have completed our six months) and at peak we have around 700-800 visitors ( I am not including the visit made by other bloggers when I like their post).

So in the end it means that we are hoping to make this blog as a source of income, which means that there will be much higher quality art and short to the point reviews but
It all depends upon your support and if we see that there is a chance then we will take the gamble and make this site fully ad-free and upgrade into much higher quality equipment.

So That’s it and let’s hope best for the future for you and for us…

Thank You to all those people who have visited our blog and thought that it was worth your time.

Thank You


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