Do You Like Your Mom? Her Normal Attack is Two Attacks at Full Power Anime Impression

The title makes you want to see the anime and it also makes your mind full of dirty thoughts while drooling from your mouth but your minds get clear when you read the anime description and the tags they put on.
So, let’s see if it is even worth your/our time.

About anime plot:
It’s a simple plot.
Mc got sucked into the game world along with his mother and thus begins his journey with his OP mother and his new companions in this new game world.

Now about the anime (after watching the first episode):
It’s a slice of life anime with a little bit of humor in it and those of you who are hoping for some ecchiness or any other type of things (like ince**), then they can go somewhere else and enjoy.
The anime is simple with clear art and no nonsense stuff (like sparklings) and the music…..

Don’t know why but I am not getting bored while listening the song…

It’s something that I didn’t hate but I didn’t also like it much. It was ok and I can listen to it without getting bored. (Don’t know what I am saying)

It’s an avg. story based anime and I think that it will be also avg. anime but hey!, who know what they do in the future..
So let’s hold it for here and see what else is on it’s way…

My Score: Naaaa… Let’s wait for more episodes…

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