Magmel Of The Sea Blue anime

As I have said many people (or everyone) hated this anime as in first it showed some great potential but later on it turns out to be a…. (let’s not use bad words ) but maybe you like this anime (chances are low but still..)
So let’s talk about the anime then.

About the anime:
The plot was unique, “A new island spawned out of nowhere and people are going there to know what it has for them. Mc and his little loli partner having some great power and there own dark secrets”
Woow, I really liked the plot/theme of the story also the art but…

The anime had a different story and diff. problems in each episode (except last three) thus you will always see different people with new problems and you may think that it is good as it will not let you bored but the real thing is that the anime is nowhere near the original theme which is the Island exploration.
And that’s where things go wrong…

I wont move but I will run…(Anyone will run after seeing you)

After reading the description it makes you feel like it will be like an adventure in a new island which has some secrets in it but there is no adventure except helping people…

It was like watching a little detective solving cases regarding human problems and the story just started out of nowhere and ended nowhere, while showing a little bit about the past of Mc and his partner.
But in his defense, I will say that it had great artwork and the ending was good as his (mc) partner is released from her past.

My Score: 3/10

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