We Never Learn Anime Final Review

As I have said before this is an anime with a harem tag in it so let’s not talk about the story or the music or anything else but the straight question!.

Is it worth your/our time?
It was worth my time, so I don’t know about you and why it was worth my time?

Because the anime had every type of girl I want in it, An ATHLETIC GIRL!! (with a well round body), A CHIBI SIZED GIRL!!! (with a round body), A LEGAL LOLI!!!! (She is legal, she is legal), A RICH GIRL!!!!! (FLAT IS JUSTICE), A SENSEI!!!!!! (Mil*) And yeah it won’t hurt to have inces* now will it? A LITTLE SISTER!!!!!!! (Brother complex baby!!!!)
But hey it may all sound good but the real thing is that there is no ecchi in it so the whole anime will be filled with pure love (NO WOLF IS ALLOWED) and comedy.

Told you, flat is justice…

It is a good anime and the only reason I watched the anime was because of the harem in it and best of all there is no nonsense (fan service for no reasons) and the story/plot is good and don’t worry you won’t get bored.
Also, the music is…. OK.. well we can expect that.

My Score: 6.6/10
It was a nice harem ride…

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