Journal of the Mysterious Creatures Anime Impression

I have to say one good thing, which applies to all Chinese anime and that is their ART, it’s really good and the same thing can be said for this anime.
Now let’s get more deep into it and see what’s more than the art.

About Plot:
An avg. MC (super avg. which means not girlfriend or money and same goes for his looks) tries to find a job but couldn’t get any so he puts is house room for rent and one day he meets a girl who wants to live in his house but he comes to know that, the girl is not human and thus things keep going on and begins his new life with diff. girls(not human).

They are cute…

The plot is not something great but still not too bad or any boring also after watching the first episode I can say that things are looking like there will be harem tag soon in it.

While watching the anime it made me remember a certain anime (MonsterMasamune) with the same theme and I really liked that anime for its comedy and fan service but this is a Chinese anime so we cant expect heavy fan service but we could expect some good action and artwork.

My Scores: Nah let’s not judge the book by its cover and wait for more new episodes.

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