Cop Craft Anime Impression

At first, I thought the anime would be something fantasy-like with a loli by Mc’s side (which is true) but it wasn’t like that and the moment the anime opened with that Arabic tune and that electric guitar I knew it that it was something that is nowhere near my thoughts.

And after watching the first episode, I am confused.

That’s her name…

I liked the anime and that beautiful art with that unique opening music which makes you want to dance and our little loli (she is cute)
And after all this, I am still confused as what the main story will be about, will it be about revenge or something about justice-related.

I am confused as what I should say about the anime, as it has great art and unique opening music but because I am not properly getting what the story/theme will be, I am confused, to whether suggest you watch this or not.

My Score: Let’s wait

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