Wasteful Days of High School Girl Anime Impression

This is not a Shoujo anime, which many people might think after reading the title.
And now to the main thing, is this anime as good as “Daily Lives of High School Boys

But before that a moment of seriousness, as you should not forget that tomorrow is the day when a human landed his step in moon 20th July of 1969. So be sure to feel proud tomorrow.

Now let’s end that serious stuff and talk about this anime.
(I have watched 2 episode)

As the title says, this anime is all about the everyday life of high school girls and there interaction with each other.
I really liked this anime and the comedy in it, as they lived up to my expectations but it’s not just about the comedy as there is more, the opening music of this anime is really good than any other comedy anime (except few).
Each character has there own unique personality and their teacher is best of all.


My Score: …
No doubt, it is really a good anime with good comedy in it and it’s definitely something you should watch but let’s wait for more episode and then give our score because things can go bad or maybe…

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