Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon 2 Impression

Even though it’s a rainy season in my country still the weather is way too hot but after watching the episode 2 of this anime the heat is starting to get into my brain and making me really angry.

My Thoughts:
It’s unfair guys…
The anime didn’t even start fully and what I got to see is this.

Just give him some rest you damn creators!!!…

The first episode was presented in a way which makes you feel all giddy-giddy and then the second episode just makes all those giddy run away leaving nothing more than anger in you.

The 2nd episode starts with a pervert announcing war game against Mc and ends up in a duel of familia for the next episode. And this whole episode Mc is beaten and beaten but at least he now has his friends by his side for the upcoming war game.
And that’s it.

Sometimes, I feel like the 2nd episode was good (they didn’t waste much time and get into the action right away) and sometimes I feel like the 2nd episode wasn’t good (I really don’t want to see MC being beaten up that badly again)
But I do hope that MC will win in next episode and if it is not like that then I’ll just drop this anime.

My Score: The heat is in my brain so no score for this anime…

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