Kyoto Animation Studio Fire Attack

I haven’t watched all of their works but I have some of them and those some of them are one of my best anime’s that I ever had watched and the biggest example of it would be “A Silent Voice” and I know you have also watched it.

Everyone is sad right now but what was the reason, which leads to something this big.

After some deep search and asking some help from friends I got to know that the man who torched the whole building said to police that his work was stolen by them (KYO-ANI) and after more search, I got to know that it was all nothing but some miscommunication.
The studio was working on something which had a different name but it sounded same as the work of that man (criminal) thus he thought of it as piracy and after sometime when he couldn’t tolerate it…. he burst out…

But all this can be false also, but so far this is what I have come to know and if it is true, it could be also taken as a lesson that you should never steal someone’s work or if someone is stealing your work (that’s what you feel) then talk to him rather than doing something like this…

And that’s the end of the post..


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