The Reality Of CoEducational Highschool Manga Impression

This manga is really good and it is something you should definitely check out.

About Manga:
Three boys in a coed school and they all want girlfriends but they cant get and the same thing to the girls in their class and the same thing to there teacher’s also.
And the comedy starts when girls try to flirt with boys but boys can’t get it (same with teachers).

Read the mood please!!!!

Overall Thoughts:
The manga may sound avg. but believe me it has lots of comedy in it, you can say that it is like SYD (Seitokai Yokudem Manga, sorry for spellings) but without any adult words.

The manga tries to show the high school life of girls and boys, and how hard it is to get girl/boyfriend, when both sides are dumb and always go in there own fantasies.

Each chapter is short but still enough to make you smile and when you start reading it, you won’t stop reading it.

My Score: 7.7/10
The only problem with this manga is that it feels really short and it has already ended around 90 chapters.

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