Demon Lord, Retry! Episode 1-4 Impression

It is not the anime which I would highly recommend to anyone because they will surely say, it is trash but I will still recommend it because I know you can’t stop watching it even though is very badly made.

About the anime:
The anime is like a mixed version of other Isekai Animes and no doubt it is definitely geared toward kids.
The Mc’s character is just like “How not to summon demon lord” anime’s mc.
His underlings are like “Overlord and Stein Gate” anime characters.
And other characters are like from Re: Zero anime.

Isekai anime’s are trash these days and this anime is also not that good but still somewhere near garbage but still not the garbage or something that you would stop watching in the first episode.
And till those great Isekai anime’s like Overlord, Konosuba and other’s someone has to lift this dying isekai genre and this anime is not doing that great but still doing something that is able to lift this genre a little bit.


But in its defense I would say that it has a “Cute Loli and A Trap“, also, the opening music is good.

My Score: 8 ( All hail to Little loli and cute trap)
You should give it a try…

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