KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Anime Review

Konosuba is just no.1 for me when it comes to comedy. It’s simple with no unnecessary stuff and it will never fail to make you smile (everyone has diff. tastes in comedy so sorry if you didn’t like it much).

About the anime:
Kazuma (Mc) is a shut-in and the first time he walks out of his home, he dies but in a so pathetic and laughable way that everyone is laughing on his death (including his parents and the goddess). And in his revenge, he took the goddess (Aqua) with him in another world but the luck is not on his side as she is totally useless just like a dog who is chasing his own tail.
But the story doesn’t end here as soon some more idiotic people will join his journey and the fun begins.

Now that’s how you enjoy luxury…

What can you expect when you put an mc who is neet and totally not motivated, a goddess who is useless (i think this word is too small for her), a mage who can only use one magic and after that she is useless and a knight (female) who is a masochist? The answer is comedy and comedy.

This anime is not a plot based but based on comedy only but hey if you are thinking that it won’t be any fun with just comedy only then think again, as this has some story and that story will be put it in a way which helps to make each and every episode more enjoyable.

This is the only good thing about him…

This anime is not the best comedy anime (you can google it) for no reason. So if you didn’t watch this anime then go ahead and watch it.
But watch it with a free mind so you can enjoy it more.

Aqua (goddess) and Kazuma (Mc) duo is best…

My Score: 10
I still remember the pain in my jaws after each episode.

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