AriFureta Anime Impress from ep1 – 4

As I have said in the beginning the first episode was done right (though at first, I thought it was done badly but now I think it was ok) Why?
Because even in the manga, there is no recap about the mc’s past life and the chapters looks long but if made in animation it will take less time.

But to be true that past life episode (if they had made) would just be a filler thus it is good that they didn’t made it, but yeah the first episode was really fast so i can see why people are angry.

Overall Anime:
The actions were good, though it could have been greater if only they had much more good graphics, still it was good and the same goes of all the special effects.

i really liked her shocked expression

And after watching all episode so far, I think the anime still has some potential but at the same time I feel that it will fall…

My Score: 7.2/10
So far it was ok but it could have been great…

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