Dr. Stone Anime Impression Ep1 – 4

This anime has the biggest potential to be the best anime of not just a season but whole year, but before that happens let’s see what this anime has that can make it the best anime of the season.

Biggest selling point:
The graphics, this anime has the best graphics I ever had seen in my whole life till today (Don’t know about the future).

This is the power of art…. so beautiful…

It has great music (both opening and closing) and it has great voice actors to make the characters feel more alive, and that’s why this anime is really growing rapidly.

So far the anime had been great and the back story of a new character (I won’t tell his name) had made me feel that he is also right in his position (i am not justifying, I am just seeing from his perspective), also the back story of the mc was also great…

always remember, “no one is born bad, it’s the world that makes him bad

New friends but they are also foes, the safety of yourself or the future of mankind, let’s see what more it has for us in the store…

My Score: 8/10
I would have loved it if the new character (that superhuman) could have joined them bu making some kind of deal, after all, he isn’t that bad…

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