UchiMusume Anime Impression from Ep1-4

Many of you might have already read the manga version of it (including me), so we will not talk much about what the story is, but still for newcomers here is a short summary:
“An op mc finds a loli” (hope this summary helped you)

Overall Impression:
Not the anime for action lovers…
This anime is a slice of life tagged so don’t expect any kind of violence, so if you are someone who wants to watch it for action then please move to some other anime.
The anime is full of sugar (cuteness) and overprotective mc.

her interaction with other peoples…

The anime mainly focuses on this little girl (Latina) who has lost everything and now she is with mc (dale), she starts to experience everything she dreamed of.

But hey it’s not like this anime is total up to the marks, as the only thing this anime lacks is art quality, which is the biggest downfall as I wanted to see Latina in the best quality possible but…

My Score: 6.5/10
The story is good and the character is also good, also, the opening and closing music is good but if only they had focused on quality… it would have been great.

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