CopCraft Anime Impression Ep1-4

I don’t like to watch police genre anime much and even if I had to watch it then I just watch all the episode in one go, as suspense is not my thing. But this might be for you if you are into it.

The anime is good and the story is also good so far. Thought one thing that I didn’t like was there action scenes, as they felt incomplete to me.
Except that all other things were good (not great but still good) and as usual I liked the opening song.


The anime is police genre-based with some little fantasy touch into it and overall my experience with it so far was ok.

My Score:????
I am feeling low today so I will watch all the episode again and then give my final thought’s but still, it is not an anime that you would hate it, it is good and if you love police genre that definitely check this out

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