Asobi Asobase Anime Review

If you are reading this post then I will say that you haven’t watched it or you are here just for fun. So before we even start anything, I want you to close your eyes and take deep breath, which will help you to calm your mind and then just go and watch the anime.
Totally worth it.

About The Anime:
Take a sadistic girl, the take a rich girl with totally out of this world fashion sense and then take a tsundere or a girl who loves to show off, And then put all of them together, what will you get?
Comedy and comedy…
That’s what this anime is all about.

That really must have hurt a lot…

Right now it’s rainy outside but after watching this anime, there is a storm full of laughter inside my head to the point my jaws are starting to hurt.
The anime focuses on three girls and their everyday life.
To be true the opening song made me feel like it won’t be good enough to make me laugh but I was wrong and I am happy that I was wrong.

Each episode had something new and it never made me bored.

Face expression at it’s top level…

My Score: 9/10
It would have been better if they had better lighting effect but still it was a great experience.

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