Wasteful Days of High School Girls Anime Thoughts from Ep1-4

As I have said, I really liked this anime a lot and laughed a lot, to the point where I don’t even remember my fav. characters name but let’s slide this out and talk about this anime.

Overall Thoughts:
I know you guys have already watched this anime and there is no need to talk about this anime still here are my thought’s.
The anime revolves around high school girls (mostly on three main girls) and there funny interaction with others and there idiotic conversation, which has no logic.

All the episode had been funny and each episode has something new, thus you won’t be bored. You will laugh, there is no doubt about but how much that’s something that I don’t know.
Each character is unique in its own way especially their homeroom teacher, who is always, serious and there are more characters (which includes loli also) but I won’t tell all of them as I want you to see it yourself. Also, opening music is also worth checking out.

She is my fav. character….. (sometime I feel like I have a fetish for short hair girls)

My Score: 8.5/10
They really have done a great job but still, there is more to come so I will leave the rest of the score for that time.

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