Journal of the Mysterious Creatures Anime Review Ep1-4

Yes guys after watching all 4 episode so far, it really feels like watching Monster Masamune (Japanese anime which also has the same theme) in a Chinese version with more action and less fan service but still is it good or worth your time or was it worth my time?

It depends on your taste as do you like watching Chinese anime? To me, yes I like watching them and this anime has an ok experience.
The anime has great graphics and a little bit of humor (not that great) and… that’s it…

Actually I don’t need your help…

Yeah, this anime was not worth my time as I liked the graphics and story but you know it wouldn’t have hurt to have some fan service in it. But still it not like a bad anime or anything like that, this anime is good, it has a good story, action and above all some great artwork.

My Score: 6.7/10

If you are someone who likes action and wants some good story over hot fan service and also doesn’t care about language then be sure to check it out as it may be something worth for you.

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