Do You Like Your Mom? Her Normal Attack is Two Attacks at Full Power Anime Review from ep1-4

To be true I didn’t like this anime much because it’s just a normal anime with nothing extra in it, except for extra-loving mother and son duo, which means you can see some fan-service of a mature body and some incest. (Not that high).

The anime is good, sorry not good but OK, and it doesn’t have something extraordinary with some little fan-service and cute opening and closing music. That’s it.
I won’t say that it is a bad anime, it’s just that it is not something worth my time but still it might be worth your time if you are into milf (to be true I am also in it).

well at least we can see a…..

My Score: 5.6/10
If only there had better action scenes then I would have loved it but hey, it has a slice of life tag in it, so don’t expect action scenes…

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