Miru Tights Anime Review

I really hope that all the boys are in right now and there is no girl (but it doesn’t matter or maybe I am wrong).

This anime has made a special spot in the heart of every man outside there, why? Because it’s all about “Tights” or “Stockings“, and there is no denying that every man/boy(in his puberty) has a little fetish for this.

low angle…

The anime is around 2-3minutes only with no opening music and the anime is all about girls in tights/stocking, with every angle and scenario possible (wet, torn or anything else)

bunny angle…

So all my comrade’s please give this anime a little time of your life.

My Score: Nope I wont score this….

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2 thoughts on “Miru Tights Anime Review

  1. Considering the concept of this is so simple, I was amazed at how beautiful the animation and art was in this. Although I guess if you’re going to do a short-form anime about your fetish, you may as well throw your all into it!

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