Kiss X Sis Anime Review

Right now the power is out and it’s really hot but after watching this anime (I watched it again) I am Burning Fire!!!!…

As the title says, it is incest but not in real blood sister but in step-relationship.

About the anime: (i am not talking about plot)
The anime has everything, from cute opening and closing music to some of the best steamy scene you could ever see in any anime. And one more time I am saying it, it has everything…. From matured body teacher to a loli.

You want a loli? they got it, you want a sister? they got it, You want a megane with busty….(you know)? They got it and you want all of this in a harem and you want it in every steamy scene possible with every girl, YOU GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!
They got everything (even girls ma… )

The image below is not good for kids…
You have been warned!!!!

i should learn, how to age restrict image…

So if you are waking up in a lonely night or had a breakup, then you know what to see…..

My Score: NAAAA this is every man’s fav. anime. So I am not worthy to score it.

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