Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon 2 Anime Review Ep1-4

The start of the anime was good as it showed the back story of season 1 and in the next episode we see our mc beaten by someone’s familia and we know the rest of the story.

The anime so far had been great, as at first I really didn’t like the creator made it (Mc getting beaten) which really angered me but later on, after seeing the war fight, I thought that it was OK, as it helped MC to grow in character.
And that fight was really something and unexpected for me, as I thought they would act more like an assassin rather than just straight head-on fight.

Always remember, every cute girl has her dark side...

The background music and the action scenes, with some good quality graphics and all other things in the episode, really made my day and I enjoyed it so far. And it looks like we could really get some very high-level fight in later episode’s.

My Score: 7.8/10
I am really hype for upcoming episode’s.

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