To Love Ru Anime Review (All Seasons and Ova)

We all have watched the harem anime’s and we all know how bad the plot is, and the only thing we could see is fan service and weird camera angles. But this anime is different from all other harem anime as it has a good plot as compared to any other anime in this category.

So let’s check what else it has.

About the anime:
I won’t talk about the plot because I know many of you have already watched it and if you haven’t, then please go and watch it as you are missing some of the greatest memories of your puberty.


The anime has a great number of Moe girl’s, Incest as sub-plot (don’t worry you will still enjoy some incest moments), teacher-student fun(not that much) and above all a great plot.
The plot is not that great but if you compare it with other avg. harem anime’s then yeah it really has a good plot. And of course, there will be character development in it (for mc especially).

Now this is one big happy family…

I don’t know if the above words were enough to make you want to watch the anime but let me tell you one more time, it is not your avg. harem-ecchi anime with some fantasy in it, it has a good plot/story which is a game-changer.
And yeah, the opening and closing music are full of good service so be sure to enjoy the music also. (And watch all seasons and ova without missing a single episode)

My Score: (It’s every single boy’s fav. anime, I am not worthy to give a score to it)

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