Fuse- Memoirs of the Hunter Girl Anime Review

To be true it was like watching an avg. shounen anime and nothing else.

About anime:
The anime plot felt incomplete.
The Fuse (half human and half dog) kill humans and eat souls, so they could live and Humans try to kill this half-dogs so they could live peacefully.

That’s what the anime was all about, killing humans or killing Fuse, but it would have been really great if they could have shown us, from where these killing started. Which side started killing first. Both sides are right at their places, as both are killing each other for survival.

Art was good and the plot was also good but if only they could show the reason, why both sides are killing each other then it would have been really great.
The movie started with Mc killing fuse and it keeps on going with people killing fuse and mc sometime feeling sad but then again tries to kill them.

It was confusing and what message they wanted to give was also off for me.

At least, art was good.

My Score: 6/10
Except, art, I didn’t like anything else. The story had a great plot but…
Also, the anime is made in 2012 so, don’t expect high-quality artwork.

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