Special Training in the Secret Dungeon Manga Review

I am dead tired today so i am gonna make this post really short.

I recently found this manga when I was searching about harem/ecchi categories and I have to say, I am not disappointed by it.
So, let’s see what this manga can give you all (men).

Manga Plot:
Mc cant use his skill (great sage) because of the pain it gives but her friend found a way to neutralize the pain and that is by kissing (Of-course that friend is a girl). And after using the skill he comes to know that he can become stronger if he goes to a certain dungeon. And the story goes on.

Sorry can’t show you ecchi images but enjoy the cat fight.

(Bonus Spoiler)
Mc gets a skill, which can make him strong but in return, he has to satisfy his lust, yes you heard it right. Satisfy the lust and become stronger.

The manga is still ongoing so don’t expect, much chapters but other than this, you have great harem (including sister), good story and action scenes.
It’s good, not great but still good enough to pass the time.

My Score: 6.5/10
It’s a good manga so, give it a try.

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