Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Anime Review

Not for weak heart people

Don’t be fooled by this name, “Magical Girls” as this anime is definitely not like those shoujo anime’s, with some fairy by a girls side or magical transformation.
This anime is about terrorism and blood.

About anime: (not talking about plot)
Let me be clear, this anime is dark, really dark, from cutting body parts to…..(you know what I want to say). But it’s not like it only is dark, it has a good cute highschool life of girls with some little fanservice.
Also, it’s a female lead anime.

This anime literally changed the way I used to see and think about magical girls.
This anime is good in everything, it has action, high-quality graphics, a proper amount of fanservice, and some serious profanity, which is expected when we are talking about terrorism.

You can get an idea how dark it will be…

It’s a dark anime but with a female lead, WOW.
If it was with a male lead then I would never watch it or won’t even bother looking at it because it would be just like any other action anime but with girls as the main lead, it’s unique and definitely worth my time.

After watching this anime, I come to realize that how we all view an action-packed anime’s. As, we can watch a male lead in profanity scene but if it’s a female then we can’t, we just say that it is not a good anime or girls in that scene were not up to the level.

My Score: 8.9/10
I liked everything except the song (opening and closing music) but it’s not like it was bad, it’s just that I had my hopes way too high after watching all those actions.

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