I have the key to Ince**!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Don't know why I start to laugh whenever I type "HAHAHA".Leaving my stupid stuff aside we can see it how things are going, you know ince**. So, this is episode nine of Domestic na kanojo or Domestic Girlfriend. My Thoughts:A key to family bonding.The Mc has a key. A key which will help him to … Continue reading I have the key to Ince**!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!


Now that’s a cliffhanger

What do you think guys, Did Mc do it or not?He did or not that's something we can only know in the next episode but for now, shall we talk about some words which want to come outside my brain.Shall we?This is episode 9 of Date a Live season 3 My Thoughts:Loli Kurumi and The … Continue reading Now that’s a cliffhanger