Dororo anime review from episode 18-20

Is the end near? So far it was a great ride and I enjoyed it specially the episode where he was going to marry a girl.  So let's get things started...  This is "Dororo" anime and my thoughts from episode 17-20.   My Thoughts:  I missed a lot of stuff...  I didn't imaging things would … Continue reading Dororo anime review from episode 18-20


Surrounded by Enemies And Loneliness

The episode was filled with memories of betrayal and sadness. This is episode 16 of Dororo, where Mc and his little pal are missing each other and my overview on it. Overview: Not Enough... The episode was just the half part and it wasn't enough, after all, we want to see some actions. Dororo missing … Continue reading Surrounded by Enemies And Loneliness