And you thought there is never a girl online? Anime Review

A simple light hearted anime with some little fan service in it, that's what this anime is and I wont talk much long on this anime. So, let's read my thoughts on this anime


Please Twins Anime Review

Do not be mistaken from the title as this is not the sequel of Onegai Teacher but a whole new different story. So let's check out what this anime is about and was it worth my time? (one more thing this is also based one taboo relationship, onegai teacher was on teacher-student and this one is about brother-sister).

Please Teacher Anime Review

This was my first anime which had romance between teacher and student but I hope you have already watched anime regarding this theme already, if not then you can start watching this anime as a stater before main course. So let's talk about this anime which has some taboo relationship ongoing.